About Us

We began with the sale of Klepper, Mistral, and Windglider boards. The first name of the shop was “Euro Windsurfing Shop“, 1000 square metres completely devoted to windsurfing, in what was the boom period for this sport. Together with North Sail, we then opened “Veleria Garda”, managed by Gianfranco’s brother Stefano, producing windsurf sails, trapezes and accessories under the “Team Xtreme” label.
The sails became famous when Alessandro Comerlati began to compete for us, attaining excellent results both in ltaly and at intemationallevel; (his record in the : “North One-hour Classic” remains unbeaten). ..

In 1997, the “New Garda Windsurfing Shop” became the new “Oradini Sport” which carries on the business in its 400 square meters with a wide range of the best products such as Neil pryde, Gaastra, O’Neill, F2, Da kine, JP , Tiga, Bic, , Tecnolimits, Team Xtreme. White water, Select, Techonofiber, Maverex, Pat love; and in clothing: El nino, Banana moon, Pacific motion, O’Neill, Neil pryde, F2, Teva, Cool and many other brand names.
Our family has always participated in the sport of sailing at the highest competitive levels and so we have also devoted space to those who are keen on this sport. In our shop you can find the following products: Ronstan, Gill, Gul, Magic Marine, Marlow, Gottifredi & Maffioli, Dry Fashion, Camaro, Viadana, Rwo etc.
Since 2005 we have been the exclusive retailers of Bic Kayaks, the famous canoes for all the family.
Our shop can offer you after-sales assistance, with spare parts for all brands and repalrs .
We also pay special attention to children, from 2 upwards, with all equipment and clothing for sailing and windsurfing.